TERRA krome

TERRA krome Instruction
Terra Krome is an epoch-making product that uses indium, the first metal material in the industry.
It's a plated paint. Indium is a soft, silvery-white metal similar to Ag (silver).
It’s a Krome paint with outstanding SHINE.
Furthermore, there is no discoloration due to the oxidation of Ag (sulfurization due to moisture in the
atmosphere or oxygen sulfide). It can be used safely not only on cars and motorcycles, but also on
architectural / industrial buildings. In addition, when Ag and aluminum plated paints that have been
used so far are painted with clear, traditionally the brightness was not kept fresh for a long time.
However the characteristics of indium (Transparent, conductive and tough coating film used for liquid
crystal and plasma displays) avoids fogging and maintains brightness as much as possible.
After many years of development, we have overcome the weaknesses of conventional plating paints
as much as possible. TERRA KROME, the next-generation plating paint is your answer.
15ml Micro Bottle Since it is 15ml, it is ideal for painting small accessories and scale models.
50g My Bottle 50g - Please use for painting larger objects such as RC body, polycarbonate, and metal fishing gigs.
180g Large capacity suitable for painting interiors, cars and motorcycle parts, etc.
450g Good 450 g size to be use for various purposes.
900g In addition to painting automobiles, the range of use will expand to construction and industrial paint etc.

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