Absolute Necessity

There products are painters must have. Strongly recommended to keep them in stock at all times.
Available in 3 types.
Fast, Medium, Slow
270g each / bottle

HIBRID thinner Instruction

This HYBRID thinner can be used not only for urethane paints but also for lacquer paints.
It is a multi-purpose thinner. Furthermore, urethane paint is applied with thinner that does not
dissolve plastic products such as ABS, PS, and PC excessively.
This product makes it easier to apply while maintaining the performance level of the normal type thinner.
This can be used in a variety of ways.

    This is the fastest drying thinner among the three. Suitable for low temperatures below 10°C.
    Standard type of thinner for multi-purpose use. Suitable for temperatures between 15°C and 25°C.
    This thinning liquid dries the slowest among the three. Suitable when the temperature is high or the humidity is high.
    This also prevents whitening for brush painting because it is easy to blend in with the brush marks.
Multi purpose Clear
Gloss & Matte

Size 50g each

Multi purpose Clear Instruction Instruction

Multi clear should be used as a topcoat clear. It is a multi-clear that can also be used as a
mixing clear too. In addition, since Multi Clear is made of acrylic synthetic resin, it helps as a clear
that reduces the film thickness after painting and provides strong protection.
It can be used as a top coat for all kinds of paints such as lacquer and urethane.
Special 1K Type
Size 15ml each, diluted

Recommended Base Color black & Topcoat clear for KROME products.

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